My First Blog Post

Welcome to my first blog! I’m beginning to ask myself what have I gotten into? I have almost no computer skills yet here I am with my own website and no clue. However, I have always loved to write and I figured combine that with my love of shopping and design well why not start a blog…I’m just hoping somewhere along the way I’ll figure this tech stuff out. Until then, I’ll ask for your patience and understanding as I blog away and we all need a good laugh anyway. I do need to thank my wonderful and talented niece Sara for helping me with the graphics on my home page. She is responsible for the beautiful artwork and I’m so proud of the work she has done. Also, many thanks to Mike and Stephen who helped set this up. I can’t believe they’re still taking my calls.

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  1. Jeanmarie

    Love you and so Proud of you!!! Thrilled for you and looking forward to watching everything unfold!

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